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Vinification and maturing

       Harvesting by hand, wich we undertake when the fruit is at the very best moment of maturity, goes together with severe selection of the fruit.

The vinification of the white Cairanne, sometimes following maceration with skins, according to the conditions of that particular year, lasts for two to three weeks with the temperature maintained at 16°C.

The three “saignées”, witch together later result in our Cairanne rosé, are maintained at the same temperature.

On arriving at the wine-cellar, the red grapes fall down by gravitation with complete “éraflement” and are immediately given a minimal treatment of sulphite. The wide top apertures of the cement vats allow the use of an ancient vinification method with "marc infusion" using oak trays.
This marc immersion technique avoids “remontages” and several “délestages” and drives a soft fermentation.

Vats cooling is done as needed immediatly after they has been filled up and before the beginning of the fermentation which can be done from 10 to 20 days.

The compressed-air wine-press, our concession to modern technology give us good quality “vins de presse” to put with the “vins de goutte”.

The with and rosé Cairanne are bottled in late winter.
The different red “cuvées”, without “collage”, are housed for 12 months in mature French oak casks. Bottling is carried out on the estate, without filtring..


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