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The people who make the wine

Growing :
Jean-Marie Astart and Stephan Straët take care of the vines, occasionally helped by Anne-Marie Astart.

Harvesting :
Completely by hand, this is a very important period when everyone participates. Seven grape-pickers arrive from Spain, headed by Francisco.

Vinification :
Jean-Marie Astart is the maître du chai but during harvesting Anne-Marie is often in the wine-cellar, always under his guidance.

Les vendangeurs

Les vendangeurs
Outside help :
Marie-Josée Richaud, our advising oenologist gives her indispensable help and guidance on blending. She is a teacher at the Château-Université du Vin at Suze la Rousse.

Jean-Paul Armand, our advising agrobiologiste “in the field” gives us information and guidance in the light of his vast enthusiasm, knowledge and experience. 

Inter-Rhône’s oenological laboratory does all the necessary analyses for our vinification and through to bottling.

 Some photos of the harvesting :

Les vendangeurs  Les vendangeurs  Les vendangeurs  Les vendangeurs  Les vendangeurs


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