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Domaine les Hautes Cances


We didn’t set out to be vine-growers and yet it has been nine long years now since Jean-Marie and I decided to take up the challenge. Long years without a doubt, for we have been worked off our feet. Luckily, the vines have more than compensated our efforts.

Les vignes du col du Débat, cliquer pour agrandir

Setting up this site has made me wonder about one important question : how did all this happen, why this complete turnabout ?

By her marriage to my father, a doctor, my mother, the daughter and grandaugther of tough, hard-working farming people, had guide my steps towards a medical profession which I embraced enthusiastically. Then the time came when I had to come to a decision over the land which had generously been passed on to me.The choice was clear : sell or take over.

The vines that I had practically ignored up until then made me suddenly think of all those generations that had contributed to my inheritance. It became impossible for me to refuse the task I was meant to accomplish.

But that was not the only reason. Another thing encouraged me to keep on the property. I wanted to give Jean-Marie the chance of some manual and creative work which would be a complement to his purely intellectual profession. But it became clear that sooner or later, it would become impossible to keep up the two activities, so, in July 2000, he left his psychiatry practice with some regrets.

If you are passing through Cairanne, you can see him among his vines or in his wine-cellar. He won’t talk about himself, but about his vines and his wines, about the wines that are like him, especially his “Col du Débat”.

We have two children. For the moment, they live their lives away from Cairanne. But what does the future hold for them ? I wish their choices to be free and that they will not feel they have to continue what we have started. It is so important to do what one loves doing.

Anne-Marie Astart, on 8th January 2001.                    


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